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EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste

EPR Registration/ EPR Authorization is needed for dealing in plastic waste management. Contact CertificationsBay now to obtain EPR Authorization for Plastic waste / EPR Certificate for Plastic  from the relevant authority.

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How much it cost to get EPR Plastic Certificate?

The cost of EPR Plastic Certificate varies significantly, depending on a range of factors, such as:

  • Type of business
  • Location of business
  • Annual Waste Production

Offering all-inclusive business setup services, we understand these complexities and offers a comprehensive cost calculator. This tool provides a transparent estimation of all expenses involved in getting your EPR Plastic Certificate in India. With CertificationsBay cost calculator, you can strategically plan your investment, making the journey toward business Regulation more transparent and manageable.

EPR Plastic Authorization Cost Calculator

EPR Registration Plastic Waste | EPR Authorization For Plastic Waste

Every day, India generates tons of plastic waste. If this waste isn’t managed responsibly through proper collection, segregation, and processing, it can have a significant negative impact on the environment. Therefore, the government introduced the Plastic Waste Management Rules in 2011, which established a framework for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). In line with this, the government also introduced the expanded Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016, which further strengthened regulations and producer responsibility. To comply with these regulations, importers bringing in plastic packaging product or products with plastic packaging require an EPR certificate for plastic import or an EPR certificate for plastic packaging, depending on the nature of their import.

What is EPR Certificate for import?

An EPR Certificate for Import is a certification that signifies an importer’s compliance with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program. This program holds producers and importers accountable for the environmental impact of the plastic products or packaging they introduce into the Indian market. Importer are required to get an EPR Certificate for compliance.

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Why is an EPR Certificate Required for Plastic Import?

The Indian government mandates EPR Certificates for plastic import to:

  • Promote responsible plastic waste management: By making importers financially contribute to collection and recycling systems, the program incentivizes sustainable practices.
  • Reduce plastic pollution: EPR discourages irresponsible plastic use and encourages the development of a circular economy for plastic packaging product or products with plastic packaging .
  • Ensure smooth customs clearance: An EPR Certificate acts as proof of compliance, facilitating hassle-free import of plastic products.

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How to get EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management?

Follow the steps below to get EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management or to get  EPR Plastic Certificate.

EPR Certificate Documents Requirements

Here is list of documents required for EPR Plastic Authorization/ EPR Plastic Certificate.

Our Team will help you prepare the required documents. Documents requirements varies depending on business model. Contact our team for guidance.

How can we assist to get your EPR Plastic Certificate?

CertificatonsBay has a team of legal professionals who can help you obtain EPR Authorization for plastic waste management. Connect with CertificationsBay today to avail our quality services.

EPR Plastic Authorization Knowledge Base.

What is EPR Certificate?

An EPR certificate stands for Extended Producer Responsibility certificate. It's basically a document that shows you're following the rules set up to manage plastic waste responsibly.Imagine it like taking responsibility for the plastic you bring into the country, making sure it gets recycled or disposed of properly.

How to get EPR Certificate for import?

1.Schedule a free a call and our representative will contact and give you list of required documents. 2. Submit your documents 3. Our team will review your documents and prepare the application. 4.We submit the form to concerned authorities . 5. If found satisfactory the EPR authorization certificate shall be issued.

Why EPR Certificate is required?

EPR certificate is required for two main reasons:i. Promote Responsible Plastic Waste Management: By making producers and importers financially contribute to collection and recycling systems, EPR incentivizes them to use less plastic, design more recyclable products, and support proper waste management infrastructure. This helps reduce plastic pollution and encourages a more circular economy for plastic.ii. Ensure Smooth Customs Clearance: An EPR certificate acts as proof that you're complying with the regulations. This avoids delays or issues at customs when importing plastic products into a country that requires them.

How to apply EPR Certificate?

You can apply for EPR Certificate through government portal. To cut the hassle and make sure you get the requirement right, contact CertificationsBay. We will help you get your EPR certificate.

How much is EPR Certificate fees?

The fees for an EPR Certificate in India can vary depending on the type and amount of plastic waste you're dealing with.i. Waste Category: The fees are typically based on the category of plastic waste you're responsible for (e.g., plastic packaging, plastic products). ii. Waste Quantity: The amount of plastic waste you generate or import also affects the fee. Generally, the higher the quantity, the higher the fee. Contact CertificationsBay to get your estimate right.

What is the process of EPR Certificate renewal?

The process for renewing an EPR Certificate in India typically involves these steps. 1. Application Window: Renewal applications should be submitted within a specific window. 2.Compliance Verification: Authorities will verify your continued compliance with EPR regulations during the previous certificate period. To renew you EPR Certificate schedule a free call back and our experts will guide you through the process.

Is EPR Certificate mandatory for import?

Yes, EPR Certificate is mandatory for import in India, particularly for plastic packaging product or products with plastic packaging .

What is EPR Full Form?

EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility.

Are there EPR Certificate consultants in Delhi ?

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