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The cost of WPC Certification varies, depending on a range of factors.

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Understanding WPC: Wireless Planning and Coordination

WPC is the National Radio Regulatory Authority and a division of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), established in 1985 under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. WPC, operating under the jurisdiction of DoT, is responsible for certifying manufacturers to sell, produce, and import wireless equipment. This makes WPC certification a mandatory requirement for the sale and manufacture of wireless equipment in the Indian market.

What is the main responsibility of WPC?

Having clarified the full form of WPC, let’s delve into its primary function, which involves allocating and monitoring the radio frequency spectrum and issuing radio licenses to ensure the safety and security of products.

ETA Self-Declaration Certificate and Approval:

An ETA Self-Declaration Certificate is mandatory for equipment falling under the de-licensed band. However, it should be noted that the ETA certificate applies only to products meeting the following conditions:

  • Exempted from licensing requirements as per the Import Policy of DGFT.
  • Operating in de-licensed frequency bands.

Examples of products requiring an ETA Self-Declaration Certificate include mobile handsets, laptops, smartwatches, microphones, earphones, etc. Any product falling under the ETA Self-Declaration Certificate range, as prescribed by the authority, must obtain an ETA certificate. It is important to note that an RF report issued by an accredited laboratory is a mandatory requirement to obtain WPC ETA registration.

Once an ETA certificate is issued, you can sell, distribute, or import the product in India. However, to import products falling under ETA self-declaration, you must submit an undertaking and ETA certificate to the Customs authority.

Obtaining an ETA Self-Declaration Certificate can be a comprehensive and challenging process, which is why professional expertise in the field is essential. Certifications Bay provides top-notch compliance services and is the perfect choice to comply with WPC requirements.

Products Covered Under WPC Regulations

  • Wireless Hotspot Devices
  • Wireless Router for Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Mouse with Wireless Connectivity
  • Smartwatch with Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Keyboards with Wireless Connectivity
  • Headphones with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • POS Terminal with Wireless Connectivity
  • Pen Drives with Wireless Connectivity
  • Speaker with Wireless Connectivity
  • Smart BulbWireless Camera
  • Others

To view the comprehensive list of mandatory products under the WPC regulations, please visit the official website of the Department of Telecommunications (DOT).

Kindly note that each type of product may require individual tests as per the WPC guidelines.

Procedure For Obtaining WPC Approval

  1. The registration form must be accompanied by all necessary documents for processing.
  2. The registration fee must be paid while submitting the registration form.
  3. Once the registration is completed, the products will undergo testing to ensure that they meet the prescribed standards.
  4. If the product meets the prescribed standards, the WPC application will be accepted, and the license will be issued.
  5. It should be noted that a factory inspection is not mandatory for obtaining a WPC certificate.

At Certifications Bay, we offer a wide range of compliance services to help businesses obtain WPC certification and meet regulatory requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch services at affordable prices, and we leverage modern technology to make our services easily accessible to clients. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we are committed to delivering the most appropriate services to meet your compliance needs.

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How We Assist in Obtaining WPC Approval

  • Our consultants will provide comprehensive guidance on every aspect of WPC approval.
  • We take responsibility for filling the WPC registration form on your behalf to ensure accuracy and avoid errors that could lead to the rejection of your application.
  • Our team of consultants will provide guidance and support throughout the documentation and evaluation process to ensure a smooth and successful WPC approval.
  • We take charge of coordinating with the laboratory to ensure that the equipment is tested properly. This includes ensuring proper acknowledgment and follow-ups throughout the testing process.
  • If you have any questions or concerns during the WPC approval process, our team of experts is available to provide you with the best possible solutions. We strive to ensure that all of your queries are addressed promptly and professionally.

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Approval Authorizations of WPC Certification

The following approvals are included in the list under Indian WPC certification:

  • WPC Equipment Type Approval certificate
  • Approval for Experiments
  • DPL or Dealer Possession License
  • NDPL or Non-Dealer Possession License
  • Licenses to Import Radio Devices

Significance of WPC License

The WPC certification holds significant importance for wireless products due to several reasons:

1. Product Communication: Wireless devices rely on communication with other devices for functionality. Ensuring seamless communication between products is crucial, and WPC certification verifies this aspect during the application process.

2. National Security Maintenance: Given the potential risks wireless products pose to national security, stringent regulations are imposed by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing to mitigate such threats.

3. Prevention of Frequency Interference: Careless usage of wireless gadgets may lead to interference with other devices operating on unlicensed frequencies. WPC certification, particularly the ETA certificate, plays a vital role in eliminating such interference by regulating frequency usage.

4. Access to the Indian Market: With the increasing demand for wireless devices in India, WPC certification is a prerequisite for manufacturers, sellers, or importers aiming to enter the Indian market. Without WPC certification, wireless products cannot be legally marketed in India.

Eligibility Criteria for WPC Certification

The eligibility criteria for obtaining WPC certification are as follows:

For Manufacturers and Importers: Manufacturers and importers dealing with wireless products equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities must obtain a Certificate of Import Authorization and WPC certification before selling their products in the Indian market.

Appointment of Authorized Representative: Foreign corporate applicants seeking WPC clearance in India must appoint an authorized agent to represent them during the application process.

Frequency Results: Detailed frequency results of the wireless accessory must be provided, including resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, frequency, and sweep specifications.

ISO Laboratories Report: In-country testing is not mandatory if the product is manufactured within the nation. However, a Radio Frequency (RF) report from an ISO/IEC 17025 recognized laboratory is required.

Compliance with Delicensed Frequency Bands: All wireless devices must operate within designated delicensed frequency bands to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Technical Information Sheet: Applicants must possess a technical data sheet, which may be requested by the relevant authorities.

Documents Required for WPC Certification

The following documents are necessary for obtaining WPC certification for wireless devices in India:

For Foreign Producing Companies: Designation of an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) is required if no liaison branches are established in India. Liaison branches must register as AIRs. Foreign producing companies must authorize an AIR to obtain an import license.

For Indian Producing Companies: Indian companies can apply for WPC ETA certification without the need for an AIR, provided they possess all required documentation.

For WPC ETA Certification: Various documents including technical specifications of the product, ID and address proof of the authorized person, company registration and GST copies, RF test results, authorization letter, and other relevant documents are necessary for WPC ETA certification.

WPC Certification Process

The process for obtaining a WPC ETA certificate in India involves the following steps:

1. Register on the Online Portal of WPC: Register on the Saral Sanchar site to initiate the application process. Submit an online application on the DOT site, which will generate an import ID for further processing.

2. Apply for New ETA: Submit a self-declaration for each product along with the application for a new ETA. Verify if your equipment requires WPC ETA approval by entering the import ID and captcha.

3. Obtain RF Test Reports: RF test reports from recognized laboratories are essential for ETA approval and WPC license registration, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and designated frequency ranges.

4. WPC Application: Once all prerequisites are met, apply for WPC approval of the wireless product.

5. Submit Required Documents: Prepare and submit the necessary documentation both online and offline to the Wireless Planning and Coordination Authority for verification.

6. Pay Government Fees: Complete the registration process by paying the government fees online through wallets or debit/credit cards.

7. Issuance of WPC Certificate: After document verification, the WPC certificate is issued by the WPC wing, enabling importers to import wireless equipment into India legally.

By following this step-by-step process and fulfilling all requirements, individuals and businesses can obtain WPC certification for their wireless products, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and facilitating their entry into the Indian market.

How to Obtain WPC Certification in India:

Follow the steps below to get your WPC Certification in India with our expert support.

Our Team will help you prepare the required documents. Documents requirements varies depending on business model. Contact our team for guidance.

FAQs on WPC Certification in India:

What are radio frequency bands?

The range or gap of radio frequencies utilized to send a signal via a telecom network is referred to as the frequency band. For the purpose of transmitting wireless signals, distinct frequency bands are assigned.

What does the WPC Certificate Stand for?

WPC is Wireless planning and coordination. WPC certification is necessary before any kind of radio-frequency enabled equipment may be used.

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