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IEC Registration

Import Export Code (IEC) is a 10-digit code that is mandatory for all importer and exporter establishments in India.

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The cost of IEC Registration varies, depending on a range of factors.

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What is the meaning of Importer Exporter Code (IEC)?


Importer Exporter Code (IEC) is a 10-digit code that is mandatory for all importer and exporter establishments in India. It is the primary business identification number issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce.

Is it necessary to obtain IEC registration or an IEC online certificate?

Yes, it is necessary to obtain IEC registration or an IEC online certificate. Without it, export and import activities are not permitted unless specifically exempted. However, IEC is not mandatory for the export of services, unless the service provider is availing benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy.

What is the validity period of an IEC certificate?

An IEC certificate is valid for a lifetime, unless surrendered or cancelled by the issuing authority. However, all IEC holders are required to update their IEC every year from April to June, failing which results in deactivation of IEC by the DGFT.

Who requires an Importer Exporter Code (IEC) in India?

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade requires the following groups to obtain IEC registration:

  • Exporters and importers
  • Export houses
  • Manufacturers who also export
  • Production facilities importing raw materials
  • Importers seeking special authorization from DGFT for specific goods
  • Entities planning to engage in EXIM business

It’s important to emphasize that IEC is exclusively for registered entities in India. Hence, it’s essential to first obtain a business certificate before initiating the IEC registration process.

Documents Required for IEC Registration

To apply for IEC registration, applicants need to access the DGFT portal and complete the relevant e-form. During the online filing process, applicants must upload the following documents:

  1. Copy of business certificate, such as incorporation certificate or partnership deed
  2. Identification documents of the managing partner, such as passport, PAN card, Voter ID, or driver’s license
  3. Proof of tenancy for the business premises
  4. Bank certificate or cancelled cheque (applicable for partnership firms)

IEC Registration Process

  1. Obtain a Class-2 Digital Signature from a Certified Agency A digital signature is provided by a Certification Authority and is encrypted with the CA’s private key. It typically includes the following information:
  • Owner’s public key
  • Owner’s name
  • Expiry date of the public key
  • Issuer’s name
  • Serial number
  • Digital signature of the issuer

Digital signatures rely on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.

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Advantages of Registering for Importer-Exporter Code


Facilitate broader market reach

As previously stated, acquiring an importer-exporter code is mandatory to engage in importing or exporting in India. An IEC enables businesses to participate in cross-border trade, providing access to a wider global market. This can result in significant growth opportunities as it allows for the expansion of the customer base to include foreign buyers, which can ultimately lead to increased revenue and profits.


Legal Benefit

The registration of Importer Exporter Code (IEC) is essential as it is mandatory for every establishment engaged in importing and exporting goods or services in India, unless exempted. Failure to obtain IEC may result in the inability to carry out import or export activities.  It helps in preventing illegal import and export activities by allowing the regulatory authorities to monitor and regulate cross-border transactions. Thus, IEC registration not only facilitates international trade but also ensures compliance with regulations and legal requirements.


Benefits of the Schemes

Establishments with an IEC registration can access subsidies and other benefits declared by the Export Promotion Council, Customs, and other relevant authorities. Furthermore, after filing the Letter of Undertaking (LUT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST), exporters can export without paying taxes. However, if an exporter pays taxes, they can claim a refund of the paid amount.

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Who is Exempt from IEC Registration?

  • Individuals who engage in importing and exporting goods for personal interest and are not involved in trade, agriculture, or manufacturing activities are exempt from obtaining an Importer Exporter Code (IEC) registration.
  • State and Central Government Departments and Ministries
  • Industries exporting SCOMET items are exempted from IEC registration as per the list in Appendix-3, Schedule 2 of ITC.
  • Individuals engaged in import and export through Nepal and Myanmar, with a single consignment valued above Rs. 25,000, through Indo-Myanmar border areas and China (via Namgay Shipkila, Gunji, and Nathula ports), are exempt from obtaining IEC registration.

IEC Renewal Process


As per Notification No. 58 issued on 12th February 2021, it is mandatory to renew or update IEC annually during the period of April to June. Failure to renew IEC may result in the discontinuation of an individual’s practices. For a clear understanding of the IEC renewal/update process, please refer to the following procedure:

  1. Visit the official DGFT website.
  2. Log in using your credentials.
  3. Provide the required details, such as your import export code.
  4. Thoroughly review the form and sign it using your DSC or Aadhaar.
  5. Once completed, you can download the updated and renewed IEC certificate.


Please note that IEC renewal/update is compulsory for all importers and exporters. The renewal/update process is entirely online and provides instant approval.


How We Assist in IEC Registration?


  • Our IEC consultant will educate you on the process of applying for an import export code.
  • We will assist you in the documentation and registration process to ensure accuracy and prevent rejection of your application or any issues with the IEC registration or online certificate.
  • Our IEC registration consultant will guide new or existing users to obtain an online IEC certificate.
  • Our IEC consultant will maintain direct contact with officials to ensure a smooth process and promptly address any issues or demands.
  • Our IEC registration consultants will provide you with a satisfactory solution for any concerns related to the IEC online process.

How to Obtain IEC Registration in India:

Follow the steps below to get your IEC Registration in India with our expert support.

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FAQs on Importer Exporter Code (IEC) Registration in India:

What are the provisions relating to the surrender of the IEC?

IEC can be surrender by intimating the intention to the authority who earlier issued the license. Upon the receipt of an application for license surrender, issuing authority shall cancel the same after noting the reason thereof. Thereafter, DGFT is notified about the same who in return transmit it to custom, RBI or any such other authorities intimating about IEC becomes inoperative.

What does RCMC certification mean?

RCMC (Registration-cum Membership) certification is issued by the Export Promotion Council, a recognized authority under the Government of India. Exporters and importers are required to obtain this certificate to export or import restricted products.

What are the requirements for obtaining IEC online?

The requirements for obtaining IEC online include a PAN card of the establishment, a bank account in the name of the establishment, and a valid address proof of the establishment.It’s important to note that DGFT may conduct a physical verification of the establishment’s address upon issuance of the IEC.

Who are exempted from obtaining IEC registration?

Following is the exception for IEC registration:IEC is not an obligation for the traders registered under Goods & Service Tax (GST) If there is export or import of any product merely for personal consumption and not for commercial purpose, there will be no need to obtain IEC Registration There is no requirement to obtain IEC Registration in case the import or export is done on behalf of the Government of India by any department, ministry, or notified charitable institute

What is Free Sales Certificate?

A Free Sales Certificate is a document issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), a government agency in India, that confirms that the products being sold are freely sold in India and are not prohibited for sale. It is often required for exports to certain countries to demonstrate that the product being exported is safe for consumption or use and meets all necessary regulations in India.

Is there any tax imposed based on IE Code?

Importer-Exporter code is not a tax registration; however, depending upon the product, the certain custom duty can be imposed.

Is it possible to engage in import-export activities without obtaining a license?

No, anyone involved in import-export business, whether an individual, company, or sole proprietor, must acquire an Importer Exporter Code (IEC) license. This license is essential as it signifies recognition from the government for exporters and importers of goods or services. However, in cases where the transaction value is minimal, authorities may allow the first export after imposing nominal charges.

Is it necessary to provide PAN Card?

Yes, it is mandatory to provide PAN Card. You need to furnish the self-attested copy of your PAN Card along with the application.

Is IEC the same as GST?

No, IEC and GST are two different registrations. IEC is specifically for import and export activities, while GST is a tax levied on domestic supply of goods and services. However, an IEC is mandatory for businesses registered under GST if they intend to import or export goods.

Are there any fees for IEC registration?

The government fee for IEC application is INR. 500/-.

How to apply for an IEC?

IEC registration can be done online through the DGFT website. The process involves registering on the website, filling out an online application form, and uploading scanned copies of required documents.

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