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LMPC Import License is mandatory for the purpose of the Legal Metrology Department of India in overseeing the quality of the product being imported. CertificationsBay assist importers to get LMPC Certificate.

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How much it cost to get LMPC Certificate?

The cost of LMPC varies, depending on a range of factors.

Offering all-inclusive business setup services , we understand these complexities and offers a comprehensive cost calculator. We provides a transparent estimation of all expenses involved in getting your LMPC Certificate in India. With CertificationsBay cost calculator, you can strategically plan your investment, making the journey toward business Regulation more transparent and manageable.

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An Overview of LMPC Registeration/ Certificate

LMPC (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity) Registration is a mandatory requirement for businesses importing pre-packaged goods into India. This registration, governed by the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules (established under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009), ensures imported products comply with specific standards for weight and measure.

While the core LMPC regulations are set by the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, some states may have implemented additional or slightly modified rules specific to their region. It’s always best to check with the Department of Legal Metrology in your state for the latest information and application procedures.

LMPC Registration/ Certificate related Terminologies

Understanding the key terms associated with LMPC certificates will help you navigate the import process in India more efficiently. Here’s a breakdown of some important terminology:

  • LMPC (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity): This refers to the pre-packaged goods you intend to import into India that require LMPC registration.
  • LMPC Registration: The process of obtaining an LMPC certificate, verifying compliance with weight, measurement, and labeling regulations.
  • Importer Registration under Rule 27: Another term for LMPC registration, referencing the specific rule within the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules that mandates this process.
  • LMPC Certificate: The official document issued by the designated LMPC authority after successful registration, confirming compliance for your imported pre-packaged goods.
  • Legal Metrology Act, 2009: The legislation establishing the framework for ensuring accurate weight and measurement practices in India, including the LMPC registration requirement for imports.
  • Net Weight/Volume: The actual weight or volume of the product contained within the packaging, excluding the packaging itself.
  • Pre-Packaged Commodity: Any product that is packaged and labeled with a quantity declaration before being offered for sale.
  • Importer: The business or individual responsible for bringing the pre-packaged goods into India.
  • LMPC Exemptions: Certain categories of pre-packaged goods are exempt from LMPC registration requirements

What are requirement for an LMPC Certificate?

The Legal Metrology Certificate, commonly known as the LMPC certificate, is a mandatory requirement for importers of pre-packaged commodities in India. Both importers and domestic manufacturers and packers of such goods must obtain this certificate under the Legal Metrology Act. The LMPC certificate verifies that imported packaged commodities comply with relevant regulations regarding accurate labeling, weight, and measurement.

Let’s delve into the importance of the LMPC certificate for importers in India, its impact on the importation process, and the significance of the LMPC importers license.

Note: Non-compliance can result in the seizure of goods by customs at the ports.

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Advantages of Acquiring  LMPC Certificate 

The below mentioned are some essential advantages of obtaining LMPC Certificate under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 

  • Import Clearance: It facilitates the import clearance of packaged commodities, ensuring they meet legal standards.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensures that your business complies with the Legal Metrology requirements, particularly concerning labelling.
  • Consumer Protection: Enhances consumer protection by ensuring accurate and reliable information on product labels.

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LMPC Certificate/ LMPC registration Document Requirements

Here is list of documents required for LMPC Certificate

Our Team will help you prepare the required documents. Documents requirements varies depending on business model. Contact our team for guidance.

LMPC Certificate/LMPC Registration Procedure

  • Filling of Application Form: Applicants must submit an application to the relevant authorities.
  • Documentation: Provide duly signed and verified documents as required by the authorities. These documents must be attached during the application process.
  • Payment of Fee: After completing the application, submit the applicable fee.
  • Issuance of LMPC Certificate: The LMPC certificate will be issued within 7-10 working days once the governing body completes the verification process.

LMPC Import License Certification Exemptions

The following exemptions apply to companies engaged in the importation of pre-packaged goods in India:

  1. Packaged goods with a net weight of 10 grams or less, or 10 milliliters.

  2. Agricultural production packages exceeding 50 kilograms.

  3. Cooked fast foods packaged in restaurants or hotels.

  4. Chemical formulations regulated under the Drugs (Price Control) Order, 1995.

  5. Chapter 2 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 exempts:

    a. Packages weighing over 25 kilograms or 25 liters, excluding cement and fertilizer packages sold in approximately 50-kilogram packages. b. Packages for industrial or institutional consumers.

How can CertificationsBay assist to get your your LMPC Certificate?

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Here’s how CertificationsBay can assist you:

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FAQs on LMPC Certificate/ LMPC Registration in India:

What is an LMPC certificate?

An LMPC (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity) certificate signifies compliance with the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules, 2011. It ensures your pre-packaged goods adhere to specific government-mandated labeling and packaging standards.

What is full form of LMPC?

LMPC stands for Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity.

Who needs an LMPC certificate?

LMPC registration is mandatory for businesses involved in:Importing pre-packaged commodities for sale in India (without further packaging or labeling changes). Packing and Manufacturing** pre-packaged goods within India.

Is the LMPC Import License Certification mandatory?

Yes, according to Rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules enacted by the Department of Consumer Affairs, it is mandatory for companies in the business of importing pre-packaged goods to India to get an LMPC Import License Certification.

Why is LMPC certificate required?

LMPC certificate ensures consumer protection by promoting accurate labeling and packaging. It also facilitates smooth import and sale of pre-packaged goods and demonstrates legal compliance.

Can I apply for an LMPC certificate online?

The availability of online application might vary by state. Contact CertificationsBay for assistance.

What are the benefits of LMPC Import License Certification?

Benefits of LMPC Import License Certification:Reduction in Transaction Expenditure Promotion of importation of production in the country Generating Government Revenue Reduction of Technical Obstacles of Importation Increasing Consumer Trust in the required brand being imported, distributed, or sold.

Who issues LMPC certificates?

The LMPC certificate is issued by the Legal Metrology Department of your respective state.

Who are exempt from obtaining an LMPC certificate?

Certain categories of pre-packaged goods might be exempt, such as products with a net weight less than 10 grams or very small dimensions. Refer to the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules for a detailed list.

What are the charges or costs associated with an LMPC certificate?

Fees vary depending on your state. Contact CertificationsBay and our expert will guide you.

Can consultants or agents help with the LMPC application process?

Yes, CertificationsBay is India's Leading consultant and can assist you with the application process of LMPC Certificate.

Can CertificationsBay help me obtain LMPC Certificate?

Yes, CertificationsBay can help you get LMPC Certificate?

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