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What is Trademark?

A trademark is a valuable type of intellectual property that consists of a recognizable sign, design, or expression used to identify and distinguish the products or services of a particular business. If a trademark is used to identify services rather than goods, it is called a service mark.

By registering a trademark, businesses can safeguard their logos and brands while setting themselves apart from competitors. In this way, a trademark serves as a protective shield for your company’s unique identity.

Why Your Business Should Register its Trademark?

Trademark registration provides essential benefits that every business should consider, including the protection of their unique identity, legal rights, and the potential to expand their brand. As such, it is highly advisable to register your trademark as soon as possible.

In India, the Trademark Registry is responsible for administering and enforcing trademark laws, ensuring that businesses can register their trademarks and fully enjoy the benefits of trademark protection. So, if you’re looking to safeguard your brand and establish a strong presence in the market, trademark registration is a crucial step that you shouldn’t overlook.

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Advantages of Trademark Registration

Protection Under the Law

Trademark registration grants exclusive rights to the owner's logo, slogan or brand name, preventing confusion and maintaining brand identity. Legal protection allows owners to control and maintain their reputation. Registered owners can take legal action against unregistered infringing parties. Registering your trademark protects your brand and prevents misuse by others.

Customer Loyalty & Trust

Registered trademarks help build trust among customers, ensuring quality and reliability, and create brand loyalty. They provide a unique identity that attracts new customers and distinguishes businesses from competitors, especially when selling products on online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

An Intangible Asset

Trademark registration creates an intangible asset that is a business's intellectual property. This asset can be sold, assigned, franchised, or commercially contracted, providing potential additional revenue streams. By registering a trademark, businesses establish intellectual property rights that can be a valuable asset to the business.

Global Reach

Registering a trademark in India not only provides protection within the country, but also grants trademark protection in other countries. As a result, this enhances a brand's global recognition and credibility.

The usage of trademark symbols, and their significance

A trademark symbol is a typographic symbol used to indicate that a particular word or symbol is protected under trademark laws.

Symbol ™ 

the symbol ™ indicates that a word or symbol is being claimed as a trademark, and it can be used for both registered and unregistered trademarks. When used with an unregistered trademark, it signifies that the owner is claiming rights to the mark, but the mark is not yet registered with the government.

Symbol ®

The symbol ® indicates a registered trademark that has been officially registered with the trademark office and grants the owner exclusive rights to use the mark in connection with their goods or services.

Symbol SM

The symbol SM or Service Mark is used to indicate that the word, phrase, symbol, or design is being used as a service mark for services offered by a company. This symbol is used for unregistered marks, unlike the registered trademark symbol. It is commonly used for applications filed under classes 35-45, which include services such as advertising, business management, and legal services.


Important Factors to Consider for Trademark Registration


A trademark is a valuable asset for a company, creating brand identity and contributing to goodwill. Factors to consider for trademark registration include logo, word, label, symbol, uniqueness, and customer identity.

Factors to consider for trademark registration process are as follows:

Visual Representation

Types of visual representations for trademarks include word marks, logos and symbols, service marks, series marks, shapes of goods, pattern marks, color marks, collective trademarks, sound marks, certification marks, and geographical indications.

Trademark Search & Selection of Appropriate Class

A trademark search is necessary to ensure that the proposed trademark is available for registration. This can be done by searching the Indian Trademark Registry database or seeking professional assistance from experienced firms like Certifications Bay.

Trademark registration requires selecting the appropriate class of goods and services for registration. There are 45 classes, each with its own unique set of goods and services. Choosing the right class is crucial to avoid inaccuracies and potential legal issues. Certifications Bay can provide professional support to ensure that your trademark is registered under the appropriate class.

An Intangible Asset

Once registered, a trademark becomes an intangible asset that can be commercially contracted, franchised, traded, and distributed, offering multiple benefits to the organization, including building the brand’s reputation.

Registration is Voluntary and Not Mandatory

Trademark registration online is recommended for obtaining various benefits and serves as evidence of ownership, ensuring all decisions are in favor of the owner.

Trademark registration online is recommended for obtaining various benefits and serves as evidence of ownership, ensuring all decisions are in favor of the owner.


Trademarks are valid for 10 years from the registration date and need to be renewed a year before expiry. Failure to renew can result in the trademark being discontinued, but it can be restored through the restoration process outlined in the application form.


Documents Required for Trademark Registration

  • Basic business registration documents
  • Registration Address
  • Details of business objective
  • Brand name/logo/slogan
  • ID and address proof of trademark owner
  • Picture of the logo
  • In case of registration of a tagline, no logo is required
  • An affidavit is required to be submitted in the application in case you claim a former trademark.

Our consultants are committed to providing a seamless trademark registration process, from assisting with documentation to checking the status of the trademark to prevent any potential inaccuracies. We prioritize ensuring a smooth and successful registration.

Our team of consultants will guide you through the registration process with ease and without any challenges. We guarantee the avoidance of any inaccuracies in the trademark registration process.

Online Trademark Registration Process

A trademark is a valuable asset for a company, creating brand identity and contributing to goodwill. Factors to consider for trademark registration include logo, word, label, symbol, uniqueness, and customer identity.

Factors to consider for trademark registration process are as follows:

  • To commence the process of trademark registration, the initial step is to conduct a trademark search. This search enables the applicant to select a suitable trademark for their business that has not been previously registered.
  • Once the appropriate trademark has been selected, a trademark registration attorney will prepare an application for trademark registration. This application can be filed either manually or online. If filed online, an acknowledgment receipt will be generated instantly. However, if filed manually, the application must be submitted to the Registrar or Trademark office located in select major cities (such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata), and it may take some time to obtain the registration acknowledgment receipt.
  • The application, along with the required documents, will be submitted to the Registrar for examination. The Registrar will then examine whether the application complies with the specific terms and requirements. Once the application has been successfully examined, the chosen brand name will be published in the Indian Trade Mark Journals for a period of 90 to 120 days (from the publication date).
  • If no objection to the chosen name is raised within the specified period, the trademark will be approved, and the applicant will be required to sign Form 48 and TM-1 to obtain final approval for the trademark registration.

The Role we Play in the Process of Registering Your Trademark

Our team is committed to providing you with comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire trademark registration process.

We will assist you with the documentation process for trademark registration.

We will guide you in selecting the suitable trademark class for your brand.

We will support you in finding a suitable trademark through a comprehensive search process.

We will aid you in keeping track of the status of your trademark application.

We will offer you the most satisfactory solutions to address any concerns you may have regarding the trademark registration process.


Trademark registration can offer numerous benefits to businesses, but the registration process itself can be challenging and requires specialized expertise.

At Certifications Bay, we have the experience, knowledge, and professionalism necessary to provide you with exceptional assistance in completing the trademark registration process. We guarantee to deliver high-standard trademark registration services while ensuring your convenience.

If you are seeking expert guidance to successfully register your trademark, contact us at Certifications Bay without delay. We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive support throughout the trademark registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In India, who is responsible for registering a trademark?

The registration of trademarks in India is performed by the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks, which is under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

It is important to note that trademark registration is carried out in accordance with The Trademark Act of 1999.

Is it possible for a foreign individual or organization to obtain trademark registration?

Indeed, foreign individuals and organizations are eligible to apply for trademark registration.

Who is eligible to apply for trademark registration?

Trademark registration can be filed by various entities such as individuals, private limited firms, companies, limited liability partnerships, and non-governmental organizations, as it is registered under the name of the concerned business.

According to trademark regulations, logos, sounds, words, phrases, images, colors, initials, or a combination thereof are eligible for trademark protection, as they are utilized to distinguish a business in the market.


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