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What is GST Registration?

GST was introduced in India on July 1, 2017, and GST registration is the process of registering a business under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime. It is mandatory for businesses whose turnover exceeds the threshold limit to register for GST. Once registered, a business is provided with a unique GST Identification Number (GSTIN) that is used for all GST-related transactions.

GST registration enables a business to collect and remit GST to the government and also allows the business to claim input tax credit on the GST paid on purchases made for business purposes.

What is the Objective of GST?

The primary objective of GST is to eliminate the double taxation or tax on tax that occurs at different levels of manufacturing to consumption. As a result, it replaces several central taxes like Excise Duty, Service Tax, CST, and state taxes such as VAT, Octroi, Entertainment Tax, and Luxury Tax.

It’s worth noting that GST is charged at each stage of the supply chain, meaning that individuals have to pay GST at three levels: purchasing raw materials, selling to wholesalers, and selling to consumers.

Moreover, taxpayers with a turnover below Rs 1.5 crore can opt for the composition scheme, which exempts them from the intricate formalities of GST and allows them to pay GST at a fixed rate of turnover.


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Advatages of GST Registration


Eliminate the cascading effect of the tax.

Under Article 279A, taxpayers with a turnover of Rs. 20 lakh (or Rs. 10 lakh in some hilly and northeastern areas) are exempted from SGST and CGST, subject to certain conditions.

Small taxpayers, including certain service providers and manufacturers with a turnover of up to Rs. 20 lakh, are given the option to pay taxes at a fixed rate, excluding credits, under the GST composition scheme.

GST aims to improve logistics efficiency by removing inter-state barriers and creating a common market across India.

Maintaining a minimum level of exempted goods and services, with a broader tax base to ensure revenue neutrality and a simplified tax structure.

Initially, taxes are levied on the sale of goods and services in the GST system based on the contemporaneous supply of goods and services.

Documents For GST Registration Online

To obtain the GST certificate, businesses such as private limited companies, limited liability partnerships, one-person companies, etc. need to provide various documents.

Here is a list of general documents for online GST registration/certificate that are required to be submitted:

Documents Required for GST Registration of Sole Proprietorship
  • Identity proof of the proprietor such as PAN, Aadhar card, Driving license, etc.
  • Address proof, it could be electricity bill, water bill, etc.
Documents Required for GST Registration of Limited Liability Partnership
  • LLP PAN card.
  • Identity proof of partners.
  • Address proof of partners.
  • LLP agreement.
Documents Required for GST Registration of Private Limited Company
  • Identity proof of the directors such as Passport, PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter ID card, etc.
  • Address proof of the directors such as electricity bill, bank statement, telephone bill, etc.
  • PAN Card & COI of the company.
  • Article of Association (AOA) of the company.
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) of the company.
  • A copy of board resolution authorizing to apply for GST Registration signed by all the directors.

The Process of GST Registration Online

  1. Generate login credentials for GST registration by creating a profile under the “New Registration” option on the official GST portal.
  2. TRN number generated after GST registration.
  3. After the generation of TRN number, the required information and documents for GST registration online can be submitted.
  4. The application can be submitted using either the E-signed method, Electronic Verification Code, or Digital Signature Certificate (in the case of company registration).
  5. ARN number is generated after submitting the GST registration application, which can be used to track the application status.

Note that the GST process must be completed within 15 consecutive days of obtaining the TRN.

The process of GST registration/ GST certificate process can be perplexing and tedious, yet necessary to complete to avoid penalties. A GST registration consultant can provide great help and guidance throughout the process of GST registration certificate or submitting documents for GST registration online.

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GST Registration

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How to Do GST Verification | GST Check Online | GST Registration Status

To check the GST registration status or do GST verification, you can follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: You can go to the official GST portal to check your GST registration status or to perform GST verification.
Step 2: The next step in the GST verification process is to click on the “Search Taxpayer” option on the official GST website.
Step 3: After clicking on “search taxpayer” in the previous step, you can select the option “search by GSTIN/UIN” for GST registration check.
Step 4: Provide your GSTIN or UIN number in the search field for GST verification.


The process of GST Check Online or GST Verification involves four steps and can be completed quickly using just a PAN card and GSTIN number. The purpose of GST Verification is to check the active status of a company with a GST certificate, the services provided by the company, and whether the company has filed tax returns or not.

It is worth noting that GST Verification is not a comprehensive process, and only basic information is obtained through it. The required documents for GST registration status check are PAN card or GSTIN number, and the detailed information obtained through GST registration check or GST Verification is public.


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